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  1. Calla Creativa

    Calla Creativa


    Designers, they say it with callas! Due to their special forms, the most modern floral arrangements are made with callas. They give inspiration for different creative designs for flowerarrangements. You can choose from different colorcombinations. The photo shows the normal size. Learn More
  2. moederdag-mand



    This classic flowerarrangement will fit in any contemporary interior. The floral arrangement is made in an oval basket . The flowerarrangement in the picture is medium sized. Learn More
  3. Anthurium classica

    Anthurium classica


    This classic floral arrangement is principlally made of anthurion flowers. Anyone who loves flowers will certainly appreciate this classic floral arrangement. This flowerarrangement comes in different colors. The one hereabove is large sized. Learn More
  4.  Amaryllis

    Amaryllis Christmas arrangement


    This flowerarangement is a good choice for someone who loves modern design. This floral arrangement is composed of amaryllisses as principal flowers and is enhanced with assorted flowers and leaves. The one hereabove is medium sized. Learn More

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