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  1. Amuse



    In this floral arrangement all the flowers are horizontally or vertically positioned. This makes the flowerarrangement an ideal modern centerpiece. The flowerarrangement exists in different colours. The arrangement in the picture is the normal sized one. Learn More
  2. Mandula

    Mandula Matris


    This modern flowerarrangement will fit in any contemporary interior. The floral arrangement is made in a basket and the flowers are arranged so that the colours and varieties are grouped . This makes the arrangement so special. The flowerarrangement in the picture is medium sized. Learn More
  3. Plantenschaal met groene en bloeiende planten

    Arrangement of green and flowering plants


    Stylish combination of green and blooming plants, decorated according to the season. Choose a desired format. The piece shown is the medium size. Learn More
  4. Plantenarrangement modern

    Modern composition of indoorplants


    This modern bowl with a balanced choice of bright young plants fits into any interior. Learn More
  5. Plantenarrangement in gelvaas

    Plantarrangement in vase with gel


    Very fine plantarrangement planted in coloured gel. Choose a desired size. The one you see is the small size. Learn More
  6. Orchideeplant in sierpot

    Orchidplant in ornamental pot


    Arrangement with phalaenopsisorchids in a beautiful pot, finished with natural decoration. The picture shows the extra large size. Learn More
  7.  Beaucarnea recurvata

    Beaucarnea recurvata


    This modern indoorplant fits in every trendy interior. It is a very strong plant and does not need much light. The one hereabove is the little size. Learn More
  8. Anthuriumplant



    Very strong indoorplant. Flowers all year long. The picture shows the large size (ornamental pot is included). Learn More
  9. Pinky



    This refined bouquet consists of a subtle mix of different hues of pink and fuchsia colours. The main flowers of this arrangement are germini and roses, finished with fine foliage. The bouquet exposed here is medium-sized. The vase is not included, but can be ordered separately for an interesting price. Learn More
  10. Sunny



    Cheer someone up with these light-emitting yellow roses! The bouquet is made out of half long stemmed belgian quality yellow roses. The picture shows the large size. Learn More
  11. Multitudine



    If you don't have a clue what to choose,don't hesitate:this is it ! Every person loves roses and when you make a mix of many different colours you become the "ideal" colour that everyone likes.So this makes the most perfect gift that you can find!The bouquet comes with an adapted transparent glass vase.The picture shows the "large" size. Learn More
  12. Dreamy



    The very soft pink colours of this bouquet eradiate a nice, friendly, peaceful atmosphere. The flowers in this bouquet consist principally of germini, roses and alstromeria. The vase is not included, but can be added at a very friendly price. The bouquet you see is medium size. Learn More
  13. Arturio



    The anturions and the accompaning assorted flowers show off a certain luxuary. This bouquet would do very well in a modern, contemporary house. The flowers in this bouquet are known to last very long in their vase. The one you see here is the medium sized. Learn More
  14. Froggy



    This is an ideal bouquet to cheer somenone up. The subtle mix of green, yellow and white hues have a proven positive impact on your mood. The bouquet shown is the small size. Learn More
  15. Clemantine



    The vivid colours of the magnificent orange roses of this bouquet will evoque surely positive reactions! The bouquet is made out of half long stemmed Belgian quality orange roses. The picture shows the medium size. Learn More
  16. Winter-plantenschaal

    Winter -plantarrangement


    A pleasure for the whole winter season! This arrangement is made of indoorplants and enhanced with somewinter decoration. The picture shows the large size. Learn More
  17. Calla Creativa

    Calla Creativa


    Designers, they say it with callas! Due to their special forms, the most modern floral arrangements are made with callas. They give inspiration for different creative designs for flowerarrangements. You can choose from different colorcombinations. The photo shows the normal size. Learn More
  18. Anthurium



    This modern floral arrangement is made principally with anthurions, assorted with special flowers and special greens. Persons who are modern minded will certainly apreciate this special floral arrangement. It comes in different colors. The one hereabove is medium sized. Learn More
  19. Whitney



    This modern flower arrangement consists mainly of special white flowers and read sheet material. The photo shows the small size. Learn More
  20. tulpen,tulipes,tulips



    Bouquet principally made of tulips.This one is the regular size.The vase is not included ,but can be ordered separately. Learn More

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